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Loss of hearing is a common medical condition around the world. There are many causes for hearing loss, but, like any medical problem, it is treated uniquely for every individual. People who lose hearing abruptly or gradually want to find the problem and correct it quickly.

At Home Hearing Healthcare specializes in testing and treating your hearing in your own home. Technology has allowed us to use the best practices from our clinical setting at your residence: equipment, procedures and products that are of the finest quality anywhere.

Hearing health not only enhances your life but is vital in everyday interactions with people. The top complaint from people about hearing is that they can’t understand normal speech when talking with friends and colleagues. A simple hearing test and some questions about your hearing environment are generally all we need to bring a solution right to your door.

We understand how important your hearing health is to your daily life, which is why we offer an array of convenient care services, including:

  • Mobile services
  • Most insurances accepted
  • Zero-percent financing
  • Products from the six major hearing aid manufacturers

Cerumen Removal

Earwax, known as cerumen, is a substance produced in the ear to trap dirt and foreign objects. It usually clears itself with normal washing but can become a problem. Our hearing health professionals can clear earwax quickly. There are home kits for this purpose, but great care is needed not to hurt the eardrum.

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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Like a fingerprint, your ear shape is unique. Many hearing aids, earplugs or other devices are fitted to your ear using a cast made of soft plastic material. This could include your outer ear, ear canal or both. Electronic hearing devices are mounted in these earmolds for a one-of-a-kind fit. Earmolds are also used for hearing protection products.

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Hearing Evaluations

Most hearing evaluations begin with some basic questions and a hearing test. The test is painless and brief. A graphic representation of your hearing capabilities gives us a good picture of how to help you get the best hearing care possible. Everyone is evaluated on an individual basis, including diagnosis and treatment, which could include hearing aids.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

A hearing test might show a recommendation for hearing aids. We evaluate your need for a hearing aid using many factors, including:

  • The severity of hearing loss
  • Your ability to work with a device
  • Battery operated or rechargeable
  • Wireless features or add-ons
  • Single or double ear functions

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

We offer the finest hearing products available. Today’s hearing aid is a tiny marvel of electronic computerization that has many functions, only one of which is amplifying sound. Our service goal is to find the best, most useful product for your needs, and make sure you can confidently use and maintain it.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Our hearing health professional will show you how to use and maintain any hearing device you choose. There are some basic rules for hearing aids:

  • Keep them dry
  • Use the correct batteries
  • Clean earwax and other debris regularly
  • Replace filter (if applicable)
  • Be careful not to drop or hit your device

Sometimes a hearing aid will require repairs, whether it was accidental damage or simple aging of the device. We can service the brands of hearing aids we carry on-site if the damage is minimal. You can be confident in our products and services.

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Musician's Earplugs and Monitors

Musicians are in a unique hearing environment position. They need to hear every note played but are susceptible to hearing loss due to loud music environments. We offer evaluation for musician’s hearing and devices that protect while allowing music frequencies to go through to the eardrum.

Monitors are made from custom earmolds taken from casts of the individual ear. A diaphragm or electronic gateway regulat es the sounds that enter the ear.

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