Hearing Product Information

Hearing Products

Hearing aids are miniature computer marvels capable of giving you years of better hearing. This is only one of the features of today’s hearing devices. They can connect wirelessly with phones, recharge automatically and assist in other ways.
One of the most common health complaints in the country is the loss of some hearing ability. Some losses are slight and gradual while others are more severe. If you have had a hearing test and the result is a recommendation for one or two hearing aids, we offer a wide range of products from the best manufacturers in the country.

When you call At Home Hearing Healthcare, we’ll help you begin your journey to better hearing with our available hearing care specials, including:

  • Mobile services
  • Most insurances accepted
  • Zero-percent financing
  • Products from the six major hearing aid manufacturers

Free Services for the Life of Your Hearing Aids

Additionally, when you purchase a hearing aid through At Home Hearing Healthcare, you will receive several free services for the lifetime of your device, including:

  • Free Routine Check-ups
  • Free Hearing Examinations
  • Free In-Home Service
  • Free Programming Updates
  • Free Cleaning and Adjustments


All hearing aids are backed by a manufacturer’s two or three-year warranty. This warranty covers all defects, including shipping, parts and service. Your hearing aids also come with LS&D (lost, stolen or damaged) insurance. Your hearing aids will be replaced at a nominal fee once, no matter what happened to them during the insurance period.