When deciding whether or not you should schedule an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist, it is essential to understand what services they provide, as well as how they can help you. If you’re interested in visiting a HIS, consider the following four frequently asked questions about this professional.

What is a hearing instrument specialist?

A hearing instrument specialist is a healthcare professional who has vast knowledge and years of experience relating to the treatment of hearing loss through the use of hearing aids. They are knowledgeable in the selection, fitting, cleaning, adjusting and repairing of these devices, as well.

How can you find out whether you need a hearing aid? 

The easiest way to identify whether you may benefit from the introduction of a hearing aid is by figuring out how much of an impact your hearing loss is having on your quality of life. For example, your nearest and dearest might have noticed that you aren’t able to listen as well as you used to before, or you may have increased trouble communicating or keeping up the pace of your regular independent lifestyle. Such factors should impact on your decision to book in with a heading instrument specialist, as they can test for the symptoms that you describe and evaluate your condition in order to find the best hearing aid for your unique needs. 

Do you need two hearing aids?

Each person and their condition is different, however the use of two hearing aids can often be extremely beneficial for those who develop severe hearing loss. This is because of several different factors, including: 

  • Improved hearing in very noisy environments: Your ability to hear clearly inside a particularly noisy environment can progress when the signal reaching each of your ears arrives at a slightly different time, as this tiny difference can help your brain to process each speech signal in a more efficient manner.
  • Source sound from every angle: If you choose to use a hearing aid in your right ear and someone starts a conversation with you on your left side, a large proportion of the signal is lost before your hearing aid can even pick it up. Utilizing hearing equipment on both sides of your head can ensure you benefit from surround sound.

Is there an adjustment period for hearing aids? 

Each individual situation will be totally unique, as hearing loss is a spectrum with many different causes and contributing factors. Hearing aids will encourage you to listen to sounds that you may not have been able to hear for many years, which means your brain and the central auditory system may need some time to relearn and remember all of these new and exciting happenings. It can take several weeks or perhaps even months for you to settle into your hearing aid, but your HIS will provide you with a schedule to help you get used to your new technology.