A hearing test is not normally a top priority for people, we are used to dental checkups and general health checkups, but hearing tests are not so common. But they are important, especially if your quality of life is affected. Read on to find out when you should contact a a (HIS) or medical professional to book a hearing test. 

You Have Difficulty Hearing People

It's normal to miss part of what someone is saying now and again, especially if you're in a busy restaurant or at a party; background noise is usually to blame and it's usually no problem for someone to repeat themselves. However, if this happens regularly and on occasions when there less noise, it could be a sign that your hearing is declining. Contact an HIS and schedule a hearing test. 

Asking People to Repeat Themselves

It is normal and expected even for people to repeat themselves at noisy events. This could be a social gathering, a noisy restaurant or a loud event like at a sports arena. But as you age your hearing slowly declines in a process called presbycusis, it is very common, especially in people over the age of 65. If you have to ask people to repeat themselves in everyday life it's an indication of presbycusis onset. 

Increasing the Volume of Media 

Increasing the volume of your music or audiobook may not seem like a big deal, and it's hard to tell if you are listening to it loudly – you simply raise the volume to a level that's comfortable. These days media devices have a yellow and red alert for high volume so if you stray into this but the sound is still comfortable it is a strong indication of hearing loss. Book a test to check it. 

Trouble Hearing on the Phone 

These days a phone doesn't just mean a device that you lift to your ear and then dial, you can talk using a speakerphone or over the internet on a PC. Sometimes it can be hard to hear a speaker on the other end due to device volume controls, always check these first. If you still have trouble hearing someone it could be a sign of hearing loss. Contact an HIS to book a test. 

You Struggle to Keep up 

Have you been in a situation when someone is talking about a subject but suddenly you are lost, you missed part of what they said and now all you can see is them talking about something you can't follow? This could be a sign of inattention, but it might also be a sign of hearing loss. A hearing test performed by a professional hearing specialist will let you know. 

Tiredness for Overconcentration 

Of course, you need to pay attention to what someone is saying to follow the line of thought and then respond, but this can be harder when your start to lose your hearing in your middle years and older. It can even cause headaches as you strain to hear what's being said. Unexpected tiredness or regular headaches could be a sign you need your hearing checked. Contact your HIS for a hearing test.