Can new software be installed on my older hearing aid? The answer is yes. You should update your hearing aid device for many reasons. If your hearing aid is more than five years old, it is best to ensure that you have an up-to-date device that will serve you well for the next five. There are many ways to upgrade and the reasons are plentiful.

Upgrades tend to seamlessly fit into an active daily lifestyle, which is perfect for people who wear hearing aids to work for example. Any issues with your hearing aid, such as whistling, buzzing or feedback can be a sign of damage. This is one key indicator in your decision making. Perhaps the time has come for an update. 

Software updates are also available for certain models, which allows you to upgrade your current device. If the manufacturer issues an update or upgrade, the hearing aid wearer can have it installed by the hearing care professional if necessary. It is therefore a wise idea to follow our advice and visit your hearing care professional at least one to two times a year.

You have to inquire about software, upgrades and updates yourself. Such a software update can fix errors, enable new functions and improve existing programs. So, it's definitely worth it. Here are some reasons why you should update your hearing aid:

  1. It isn’t as loud and clear as it used to be
  2. The battery life is not as long 
  3. There is too much feedback on the device 
  4. The tubing looks worn and damaged

Staying up to date

Technology is constantly evolving and this also refers to the updates of hearing devices. Bluetooth can be found in updated devices which connect to apps and your phone and many nifty features allow for even better function. If you find that your hearing aid is longer working in the environments as well as it did before, then you can look at updating your device. Staying up to date with technology will give you optimum device function. Analog hearing aids no longer provide that update that is needed. 

Software update for device upgrade?

Some manufacturers also offer flexible technology levels. This means that the customer can first opt for a hearing aid with simple features and then upgrade it at a later date. 

You want a discreet look 

Nowadays, hearing aids are incredibly discreet and they sit within the ear canal hidden from plain sight. However, some hearing aids that are older may not have this function and may sit outside of the ear. Smaller less obtrusive devices allow you to continue working with the best hearing solution, while also being aesthetically pleasing for you. 

Conclusion? It makes sense to update the software installed on your hearing aid or the entire device itself. If an update is offered, you should also have it installed. Until then, it remains the case that you should visit your hearing care professional regularly. They can also offer valuable advice about your devices.